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If you thought golf was boring and uneventful, you better think again. With the latest and exciting unblocked golf games to download on PC, you will not find anything slow or boring about it at all!

Golf can seem boring and uneventful, and well honestly, it kind of is. You may think that online golf games are just for kids or they are only best played in family parks. But, not these top golf games on the list. They will quickly change your opinion of this gentleman’s sport. Exciting, action-packed, and playable for all ages, there is definitely nothing slow or boring about these free pool golf games for PC.

As a gentleman’s sport, there is a long history of proper decorum during a golf tournament. And even though it may seem haughty and maybe even a bit snobbish, it is still a sport for the everyman. It is just the traditions that you need to get past.

No need to worry about those here! With these best golf video games, all you have to worry about is sinking the golf ball in the target hole. And what a way to do that too, with games that let you collect unique and colorful golf ball designs and wild courses to play through. You will find hours of addictive fun in these games.

Better yet, take your friends along for a wild ride. So, go head to head in top free mini golf games that will get you laughing hysterically with loads of family fun for both kids and adults alike. Take it to the world stage and play with people from all over the world!


Top Golf Games We Recommend


Golf Clash


If you wanna see how you match up on the world stage, then this is the golf game for you. No mini golf courses here, but a full tournament style courses that will test your skills as a golfer.

Golf Clash takes it up a notch with a full multiplayer golf game experience. Log in to your Facebook account and challenge your friends and family to a one-on-one golf tournament. As a result, you will get to see who is a true champion. Good luck though if your Facebook friends include Tiger Woods or Lexi Thompson. In short, you probably need to rethink the challenge.

Even so, there are many more people out there to play with.  This is a truly global player base and lots of courses to try out.  There are realistic courses and a variety of weather conditions will really put you to the test. Subsequently, you will quickly realize that golf is not so straightforward after all.

Earn your place in weekly leagues and climb to the top of the leaderboards. For instance, unlock more tours along the way that will garner you more greater prestige and even better rewards to unlock. Upgrade your clubs to give yourself a competitive edge against the very best out there and take it to the top!


Golf Battle 


So golf is boring eh? Take this game for a spin and see if you still have that same sentiment after a few rounds of wild mini golf courses in Golf Battle! a Truly online multiplayer golf game, where right from the start you are immediately pitted against real-life actual players from around the world.

There is no artificial intelligence here, just some zany golf ball designs and thousands of players to play against from every corner of the globe. Golf Battle takes a more simplistic approach to the sport of golf and throws you into the more creatively weird world of mini golf. You will not see any professional-level tournament courses here, it is all about the fun and the excitement of getting the goal first and with the least attempts.

What really sets Golf Battle apart is the Rush Mode where it is no longer about how many strokes it takes to sink the golf ball, but rather getting there first. It is literally a real-time live race against other players. Think of it as a racing game, but with a golf ball as your vehicle instead.

Log in your Facebook account and really get into the fun by inviting up to five of your friends in a six-way golf battle – oh hey, so that’s what the title stands for!


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